About Julia

Julia King is a fully qualified and registered teacher who has been teaching music for over 44 years, both in the UK and in Tasmania. Julia also has many years experience working in Primary Schools in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia (Victoria and Tasmania), both as a Class teacher, and as a Music Specialist. She now runs an extensive studio in Ulverstone in the North West of Tasmania where she teaches instrumental music and music theory.  In the past Julia has also worked as a licensed Kindermusik teacher under the auspices of Kindermusik International, running classes for children aged from birth to 7 years of age. Julia’s students have thus ranged in age from birth to octogenarians.




Julia was born and educated in England, in the London Commuter belt. She attended the well reputed Dr Challoner’s High School for Girls in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire and went on to study at the University of York in Vanbrugh College. Following the award of her Joint Honours Degree, Julia studied as a Postgraduate Student at Loughborough University to gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Primary School Education. She later graduated from the London College of Music, having studied Harmony, History and Composition, and specialising in Piano.


She has qualifications also in Theory, Clarinet, Flute and Violin. Julia’s teachers include Gary Peacock (concert pianist London), and Stephen Gosney, another concert pianist and Recording Artist. Stephen has recorded all of Beethoven’s Sonatas and is adirect descendant (teaching line ) of Beethoven. Julia has attended Conferences and Workshops and courses in Music Pedagody in recent years to enhance her knowledge, and to keep her up to date. She is a member of the International Society of Music Education.


Being conversant with Delacroze, Suzuki, Off and Kodaly pedagogy, means that Julia can draw on all these areas of knowledge in her daily teaching. Julia is fluent in French and has a working knowledge of other European languages (including Latin) which helps with the understanding of musical terminology and correct pronunciation for voice students.



Although Julia’s first instrument is the piano, she has been equally successful teaching a range of other instruments (including early voice) to students and they have achieved equally high marks in examinations and eisteddfods. Examiners have remarked that her students consistently receive examination scores 10% over the average, especially in performance and music reading. Over 95% of her students have received over 90% in their examinations. Many of her students have also received prizes in eisteddfods.


Since Julia lives in a semi-rural area of Tasmania, she has purposefully equipped herself to teach a wide range of instruments and has played all classes of instruments. As well as woodwind, strings and piano, Julia has played the trumpet, timpani, percussion, the recorder, and the harpsichord. She has also been employed as an accompanist in a Ballet School, for a number of musical productions, and for students in brass, woodwind and violin examinations . As a child she played for Sunday school, for School Assemblies, as a member of a youth orchestra, and leader (lead violinist) of a String Orchestra.



  • Julia has other private teaching experience as follows
  • Maths
  • Literacy
  • French
  • English as a second language
  • Primary School
  • School Music



Over 40 years

Since Julia lives in a semi-rural area of Tasmania, she has purposefully equipped herself to teach a wide range of instruments.

She has organised and run :


Theory groups for adults wishing to learn to read music

Adult education classes in music

Classes to help people learn to play other instruments such as the harp and the harmonica 

Workshops for her students

Music Appreciation Classes

Summer Schools



Played all classes of instruments -

  • woodwind, (flute, clarinet, recorders),
  • keyboard (piano, harpsichord),
  • brass (trumpet),
  • strings (violin),
  • Percussion (timpani, side drum)


Been employed as an accompanist in a Ballet School, Played for Sunday school, and for School Assemblies (as a child and an adult) Accompanied a number of musical productions, Accompanied students in brass, woodwind and violin examinations Performed as a member of an orchestra, and as the leader (lead violinist) of a String Orchestra.


Whilst at school played the piano in many Eisteddfods, Sunday school, School assemblies Taught many students on the Autism Spectrum Scale Dyslexia Special learning Needs Blind students



And, just a quick snapshot of another side of her life…….Julia has sailed in a maxi-yacht from Cape Town to Auckland, Climbed the Matterhorn, the Jungfrau and Kilimanjaro, Rock-climbed in 15 different countries, Lived on a yacht for 5 years, Camped in a snow hole, Been in an avalanche and a rock fall, Sailed a yacht single-handedly in a hurricane down the East coast of New Zealand, Lived and worked in NZ for a year, Worked in youth hostels, restaurants, hotels, the post office, Sara Lee, local government, Denby Pottery, Sold reindeer antlers, G ot a forklift licence, yachmasters certificate, motorbopat licence, PADI open water certificate. She also loves speaking French and learning languages, has a love/hate relationship with her garden and DIY projects…..



  • Holistic Education - child centred
  • Team approach
  • Keep expanding her own knowledge and skills


Julia has a strong holistic approach to all education and therefore tailors her education to the needs of the individual. It would be unusual to find more than two or three of her students using the same book. She spends extensive time planning for each individual student to produce individually tailored plans to suit each student. Julia is aware that she is teaching the PERSON, not the instrument.