Lessons are usually conducted weekly, during school term time. School children usually will have their lesson before or after school on a weekday. A permanent lesson slot is reserved and paid for each term.


Lessons are usually of 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes duration. Most of Julia’s current students have a 45 minute lesson which allows theory, aural etc to be covered as well as practical lesson material.


A 30 minute lesson is fine for a beginner, although 45 minutes is ideal and seems much more efficient than 30 minutes, since it makes the time used arriving/leaving a smaller proportion of the lesson time.  A 60 minute lesson is needed by students at or above Grade 4 or those wanting to progress faster. Prices are currently $44 for 30 minutes, $60 for 45 minutes. A second lesson in a week will attract a discount (conditions apply).


When to start lessons

  • General musical skills - any time
  • Piano/Keyboard - best and most efficient age is 6/7
  • Violin - when able to focus and follow instructions, but the younger the better. Parents will need to be involved in lessons for those under 6.
  • Woodwind - generally 9 or 10 depending on size of lungs/athletic activities. Recorder at any age
  • Singing - at any age when able to focus and follow instructions easily


Feel free to discuss the individual needs of your child however


Other Services

  • Theory tuition
  • Harmony tuition
  • Composition guidance
  • Other instrumental tuition
  • Teacher training
  • Workshops, both tailor made and otherwise
  • Free theory tuition to her enrolled and financial students
  • Free sight reading library for the use of her students
  • Advice about choosing which instrument to play
  • Advice about buying an instrument
  • Early childhood music
  • One off lessons assisting with other musical matters such as how to start playing the harp/ harmonica
  • Literacy
  • Primary & Middle School Mathematics